People's NHS - Our Mission Against NHS Privatisation

The Campaign

People’s NHS is a community run campaign to stop NHS privatisation.
Across the country, thousands of people are fighting the sell off of their local services to profit making companies and the creation of a business out of our communities’ health.

Our mission is to pool all our resources, work as a unit, share what we know, and together, push against a government which is determined to undermine our healthcare by selling it to the highest bidder. And we already have some success stories to report. We’ve stopped the George Eliot hospital from being sold off. And we pressured the government to provide emergency funding to keep East London surgeries open.

The NHS belongs to us all. It’s down to us to defend it.
That’s why we’re the People’s NHS.

Sign the petition, and help us spread the word.


4 Responses to “The Campaign”

  1. Michele

    Hi folks

    I used your handy website to send an email to local MLAs here in Co Antrim. I received a reply from the MLA Paul Givan who stated that he’s not worried about TTIP as EU member states will retain control over their public services – tellingly, he made no reference to ISDS so I’m not sure he understands that public services aren’t 100% safe under TTIP (his reply to my email gave me the impression that he’s keen on TTIP as he seems to think it will lead to dollars coming to Northern Ireland). He didn’t mention the petition that I had emailed asking him to sign, however ,I just checked and he’s listed on your website as having signed the petition to remove NHS from TTIP. Could you clarify for me if that is the case? The reason I ask is that his name came up in the automatically-generated list of MLAs to contact regarding the petition and I don’t want to be pestering MLAs who have already signed. Looking forward to hearing back from you and thanks for creating tools that allow citizens to make their voices heard 😀

    • mduncan

      Hi Michelle,
      I’ve asked someone close to the ground in NI to contact you on this

  2. Terry Arpino

    Your ambiguous posters supporting Cameron and Hunt and their work for the NHS have appeared locally. Wonderful!!

  3. Chris

    I am unable to locate our local representative but require urgent action. I requested under the Freedom of Information Act the cost of Waverley Borough Council removing the placards from our front gardens. I sent a copy to the local newspaper Surrey Advertiser they now are requesting speaking to a representative by 6pm tonight to run a piece in this weeks paper. The contact numbers are 01483 508970 or 07822872202