TTIP – what is the Trade and Investment Partnership

The People’s NHS is a community campaign to stop NHS Privatisation from taking place, which would mean the sale of our NHS services.

Since 2011 billions of pounds have been handed to private companies to run our NHS – and we think that’s wrong.

Here is No Health Sell-off Morecambe Bay and the People’s NHS taking our message to the Conservative Party Conference on the eve of David Cameron’s big speech:


But it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
A new EU trade deal with the US could make those NHS sell-offs, and all that follow them, irreversible.
Under the agreement, our elected government would not be able to bring NHS services back into public ownership. Otherwise, they could get sued by American multinationals.
Negotiations are taking place right now, and neither the European Union or the Government can agree on whether the NHS is safe or not. David Cameron can clear up all this confusion and protect the NHS. All he has to do is to threaten to use his veto unless all mention of Health is removed from the treaty.
We can make him do it. We can stop the Privatisation of the NHS and make sure it stays in our control, not big companies’.





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Campaigning in the East of England

News, events and campaigns across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

The Peoples NHS is supporting local communities in the East of England to call on MP’s to Stop The Sale of our NHS and get our NHS out of TTIP.


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