New legal advice exposes EU-US trade deal risk to NHS

Unless the government acts now the UK will lose sovereignty over the NHS because of an EU trade deal called TTIP.

TTIP is being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and the United States. It threatens to make the sell-off of the NHS irreversible because  TTIP will give US multinationals, or any firm with American investors, new rights to sue the UK government if it ever tried to take privatised health services back into public hands.

New legal advice from one of Britain’s top EU lawyers which your local MP will now have a copy of warns that TTIP poses a real and serious risk to the NHS.  You can see the advice yourself here.  Or read a summary here.


The government has its own secret legal advice on the impact of this EU deal on the NHS but they won’t make it public. Even your MP can’t see the Government’s legal advice on the future of the NHS.

The legal advice  we have seen makes clear that even the threat raised by these new rights and the billions of pounds at stake could paralyse any attempts to take services back into public ownership once the trade deal is signed. In other words our government will lose significant powers to make decisions about the future of our health service.

It’s hard to believe that our Prime Minister is allowing Brussels bureaucrats to hand over the keys to our hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics to Wall Street but that is effectively what is happening. However there is hope, David Cameron and the Conservatives are under growing pressure to act.

From Dorset to Dumfriesshire growing numbers of people are getting angry when they learn about Cameron’s continued refusal to protect the NHS from TTIP.

Time is running out. The people of this country do not believe it is right for the NHS to be part of a EU trade deal and nor do most of our political leaders. We urge the Prime Minister to act by demanding that the NHS is excluded from this trade deal.