This is how much of the NHS has been sold off since April 1 2013

Save our NHS Services in Hull!


The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)  in Hull have this year sold off your local physiotherapy services, or what they call musculoskeletal services. Physiotherapy is a vital part of the NHS, it helps the elderly person who has just had a hip replacement walk again, the teenager who breaks a bone playing sport, or the patient who is recuperating at home after major surgery – without NHS physiotherapy these people would not get treated.

Now the Hull CCG have sold all this away to a private company called Healthshare.

The NHS was set up to care about people, not private companies caring for their shareholders. That’s why local people have come together to create a local campaign to stop the NHS in Hull selling off our health services.

Our NHS is now facing an even bigger threat from a trade deal that is currently being negotiated behind closed doors. TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) will effectively open up all public services for sale to transatlantic companies, meaning that our NHS could be sold forever.

You can support the campaign to remove the NHS from TTIP by clicking the link to the right and show that you support the NHS staying in public hands.