NHS Privatisation Counter

Just how much of the NHS has the Government sold off since the Health and Social Care Act came into force on April 1 2013?


That’s quite a lot. In fact it is:

  • £24,219,178.81 per day
  • £1,009,132.45 per hour
  • £16,818.87 per minute
  • £280.31 per second

And they want to get selling it faster.

If you want to help slow this counter down, get involved at www.peoplesnhs.org

Notes on sources

The Contract Alert Report (Apr 2013 - Apr 2014), by the NHS Support Federation, found that £13 billion worth of contracts to run or manage clinically related NHS services were advertised in the 12 months from April 1 2013.

68% of these contracts were awarded to commercial companies.

The Guardian and others have reported as high a figure as 70% of contracts being awarded to private companies, and the Financial Times reported a 14% rise in tenders in 2014-15 (July 29 2014).

However, we have taken the lower figure of 68% that the Contract Alert Report identified and have not factored in the increased rate of tendering that the FT reported in case this represents seasonal or unusual fluctuations.