People's NHS - The Facts Behind the NHS Privatisation

Privatisation of the NHS

Set up in 1948 to be a free, universally accessible system of health care, the NHS is publicly owned and funded through our taxes.
Wishing to sell off our NHS to the highest bidder, this government is implementing the biggest restructure of our healthcare system since it was created.

The privatisation of the NHS, aimed at cutting costs and improving the efficiency of the health service, would really mean:

    • More expensive services – the NHS is one of the best-value health services in the world. The more private companies who get involved, the more shareholder profits we have to pay
    • The reduction of government’s role in regulating health provision
    • A wider gap between the life expectancy and health of the rich and poor
    • The transfer of taxpayers money to private companies
    • The break up of services – meaning trust and hospitals are competing, rather than working together
    • The creation of business mechanisms within the NHS
    • Patients not being able to access certain services previously provided by the NHS

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2 Responses to “Privatisation of the NHS”

  1. Roger Taft

    there is no way on earth that we should allow the n h s to be privitised . by any one in this country or any where else .
    Also under no circumstances should we allow the American health companies getting the hands on it .