Save Staffordshire's Cancer Care!

Our Community alliance are fighting the biggest NHS sale in history. Cancer Services and End of Life Care in Staffordshire is going out to

tender. This means that private companies will be bidding for the £1.2billion contract—the largest ever NHS contract to go to ‘Auction’. All major contracts
to date have been won by the private sector.

If a private company wins the contract to become the ‘prime provider’, a profit driven company will be making money from our ill health—that’s privatisation,
plain and simple. Cancer should not be about profit.

We need to work together to keep it in the NHS: Taxpayers money should be reinvested in improving NHS Services—not lining the pockets of hedge fund managers and company bosses.
There is not a scrap of evidence that a private, market driven healthcare system is cheaper or more efficient. In fact, the opposite is true; costs increase
and services are fragment-ed. The US healthcare system costs 17.9% of GDP compared with the UK 9.4%.

The NHS is this country’s greatest ever social achievement and has recently been ranked N.o 1 of the 11 wealthiest nations in the world with the US ranked worst.

We are absolutely against the dismantling of the NHS. Private companies are not accountable in the same way that public organisations are, the
safeguarding systems and comparable measures of quality and care will be different. They will no longer be able to be scrutinised by the public. Decisions
will be made in private and there will be no obligation make information freely available. The NHS will be lost in a cloud of secrecy and we predict at an
escalating cost to the tax-payer as shareholders force the taxpayers to fund their profit margins.

Privatising the NHS is serious. For all of us. You can help stop it.

In 1948 Nye Bevan said that the NHS “will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.” The fight is here and we must take it on now. We need activists.

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