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Official: NHS is the best in the world!

  It’s official, Britain’s National Health Service is the best of the world. That’s the finding of a new report which compares the NHS to 11 health care systems from around the world. The NHS came top of the league for quality, efficiency and for keeping patient costs low at the point of need, proving… Read more »

The Secret Deal that threatens the NHS

Paul Giles is from Staffordshire. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and wanted to find out how a new trade deal, TTIP, would be affect his treatment, and the NHS generally. So we sent him to Brussels to speak to the EU directly to get some answers. This is how he got on.

Thousands of Households tell Cameron to stop the sale of the NHS (Photo opportunity)

People’s NHS photo opportunity When: 11.00am, 12th November 2014 Where: Health Minister Jane Ellison’s constituency, Battersea, between 91-93 Ramsden Road, London SW12 8RD Thousands of Households tell Cameron to stop the sale of the NHS On Wednesday (12 November) Thousands of households across England Scotland and Wales will take a collective stand against the irreversible… Read more »

Is the fox in the hen house?

A report from Nuffield Trust raises fears that the NHS in England will no longer be free at the point of use within 10 years. But is the private health provider’s report driven by self-interest? In Staffordshire a £1.2 billion contract for cancer care and end of life services could go to private providers. Pharmacy… Read more »

New month off to a flying start!

Today the team took on a campaign stall in Cannock to help drive the campaign forward. The public we’re incredibly receptive as we gained 400 petition signatures against privatisation of cancer and end of life care and 200 TTIP postcards. This is an encouraging sign as Cannock is a key area to gain traction given… Read more »