Rochester and Strood by-election

The eyes of the country are focused on Rochester and Strood, and local residents have said loudly that our main concern is the NHS.

Rochester and Strood map

People’s NHS campaigners are in the constituency now, making sure that the candidates for all parties hear our voice. With our local hospital in special measures, we know better than most how important it is to look after our NHS.

And yet right now the government is pushing ahead with the biggest privatisation the NHS has ever seen – £13 billion and counting – a “reform” that even the Tory Party calls a “mistake”. And to compound this, David Cameron wants to make this sell-off irreversible by signing the controversial EU/US trade deal known as TTIP.

Nationally, all-bar the coalition parties – Labour, UKIP and the Greens – have all stated their support for excluding the NHS from this secretive and dangerous deal. In Rochester in Strood, nearly 60% of us told pollsters that David Cameron should use his European veto to achieve this.

Rochester and Strood TTIP

We want to ensure that all the candidates in this by-election, and the parties they represent, hear our voice. NHS out of TTIP now!

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