The campaign now moves to Battersea, Wandsworth and Balham, where surgeries are struggling to find alternatives with reduced funding.


The Peoples NHS is supporting local residents, calling on MP Jane Ellison, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Public Health, to sign a pledge to her constituency that she opposes:

  • funding cuts to GP surgeries
  • the sell off our NHS through the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and
  • our NHS being part of the EU-US trade deal TTIP.

You can view the full pledge and other information on this by clicking the photo

Jane Ellison Quote

Save Our Surgeries!

Due to changes in the way that General Practice is funded by the government, some inner city and rural practices in England will suffer big budget cuts.

Cuts in funding to General Practice could mean reduced services offered to you and your family or even closure

There are 98 GP practices in England that are as badly affected by the funding cuts, many of these are in London.If practices are forced to cutback or close there will inevitably be more pressure on the rest, risking collapse of the whole system and opening up the possibility that our GP services will be taken over by private providers such as Virgin or Care UK.

 This comes amidst a climate of huge cuts to the whole of NHS funding and creeping privatisation of NHS services.

Privatisation leads to poorly paid staff and services cut to the bone in order to make a profit for shareholders.

The NHS is the best loved institution in Britain.  Despite what we are told, the NHS is one of the most cost effective health care services in the developed world and there is plenty of money in society to pay for it.

It is the envy of other nations. Since 1948 it has been there for all of us when we have needed it, regardless of ability to pay, from the cradle to the grave.



The campaign in East London continues, following the handing in of petitions to Downing Street on 6th August 2014.

Check back here in the news section for updates.

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