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Our NHS is still at risk; time is running out to save it. David Cameron is still determined to sell our NHS to U.S. healthcare corporations. As EU and US negotiators work to complete The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) the threat of irreversible NHS privatisation remains. The PeoplesNHS are determined to stop this happening.

David Cameron personally appointed David Mundell as Secretary of State for Scotland. David Mundell is Cameron’s man. When David Mundell tells David Cameron what Scotland is saying he listens. We need David Mundell to tell David Cameron to act now and protect our NHS from privatisation.

At present David Mundell refuses to stand with the people of Scotland and support our NHS. In his constituency people in Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Biggar and Peebles have asked him to support our NHS, but David Mundell refuses to listen to them. We need the whole of Scotland to tell him our NHS, our most vital public service, is not for sale.

Send David Mundell a message now

We can make this happen. When together we demanded that our MSPs took action, we were successful. Over 90 of our representatives at Holyrood, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon acted. Only the Lib-Dems and the Tories still refuse to listen. Holyrood sent a strong message demanding that David Cameron acts and protects our NHS. We can make our politicians listen again. If enough people tell David Mundell to act, he can’t ignore us.

David Cameron can’t continue to ignore what people throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom are saying. If we can make David Mundell act it will be more difficult for David Cameron to keep his head buried in the sand. A strong message from people throughout Scotland could really make a difference. Send David Mundell a message now.

We’ll keep you posted on the campaign.


Linda Clarke , NHS Activist


Scotland's MPs - Protect our NHS from TTIP


In May, Scotland sent a new team of MPs to Westminster. But do they know how TTIP threatens Scotland’s NHS? Please tell them that TTIP threatens our NHS with irreversible privatisation. The only way that we can ensure our NHS is protected is by telling David Cameron to exempt our NHS from TTIP. 83 words included in the TTIP agreement can do this. Why won’t David Cameron stand up for the NHS?

We need all of Scotland’s MP to tell David Cameron to act. That would put real pressure on him to protect our NHS. Thousands of peoples across Scotland have told David Cameron to act. Click here to send a message to your MP asking them to demand David Cameron exempts our NHS from TTIP.

Scotland’s new SNP MPs are making an impact at Westminster. They can put real pressure on David Cameron to act. Many of them have spoken publicly about the threat TTIP poses to our NHS.


Click here to tell your MP about our campaign and ask them to send a letter to David Cameron demanding he exempts our NHS from TTIP. Previously we sent thousands of letters to our MSPs and it really made a difference. If we can make our MPs act then David Cameron will be forced to listen.




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