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Fighting To Protect Our Health Service

People's NHS - West Midlands

We’re worried about OUR NHS and we think you should be worried too.

Across in the West Midlands and up and down the country NHS services are being eyed up for a big sell off. The new system under the Health and Social Care Act puts our care onto the open market and OUR MPs VOTED FOR THIS!

They did this without the permission of the people and it is THE PEOPLE’S NHS!

This system brought in by the Coalition government has caused a shift so fundamental it amounts to the abolition of the NHS. It means your healthcare is provided by big business who want to make money from your ill health.

If you think that is bad—it just gets worse.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a ‘free trade’ deal between the EU and the USA which puts our public services, including our NHS up for grabs to American health care companies, who have been looking to unlock the door on our Non Profit NHS for years.

These negotiations, which are being heavily lobbied by big business, are being held in secret meetings – so secret our MP’s cannot even see the documents being produced. This is a denial of democracy and a threat to the principles of our NHS.

David Cameron can VETO the NHS from these negotiations, just as the French have used their VETO to protect the Film Industry, but so far Mr Cameron has chosen not to SAVE THE NHS.

We need to stop TTIP, if we don’t then our campaign against the privatisation of our NHS is futile.

  • Stop TTIP – Save the NHS. VETO it from TTIP
  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act – which is privatising our NHS

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People’s NHS West Midlands

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