This is how much of the NHS has been sold off since April 1 2013
Send a letter to the Scottish Secretary David Mundell

David Mundell: Protect Our NHS!


David Mundell is Secretary of State for Scotland.  David Cameron personally appointed him. We need David Mundell to tell David Cameron to act now and protect our NHS from privatisation.

People in David Mundell’s constituency of Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Biggar and Peebles, have asked him to support our NHS, but he refuses to listen. We need the whole of Scotland to tell him that our NHS is not for sale. You can help.

Go here to send a message to him – http://action.peoplesnhs.org/mundell-protect-our-nhs    


Get involved – find your local group here:

What’s our NHS becoming?
We have created an incredible new video to illustrate what the NHS has become:
Please watch, and share with your friends. And sign our petition to take the NHS out of TTIP.
71 MPs with links to private health companies voted for
NHS sell-off
Does this explain why they are selling the NHS so fast or why they want it to be included in TTIP and open to litigation by US-based investors?
Read the Daily Mirror article in full at:
And download the full dossier here:
FINAL MP Dossier
Find out if your MP has been being paid by Big Healthcare. Click here:
Here is No Health Sell-off Morecambe Bay and the People’s NHS sending our message, with a giant projection onto the Conservative Party Conference on the eve of David Cameron’s big speech: 

No NHS sell-off projected onto Conservative party conference building on eve of Cameron's speech

People’s NHS – Stopping NHS Privatisation and Closures

Read the explosive legal advice the Government doesn’t want you to see, showing the NHS is at threat from TTIP


The People’s NHS has seen incredible new legal advice that shows the NHS is at risk from the controversial EU-US trade deal known as TTIP.

The advice is from a top QC and shows that:

  • TTIP will give US investors more powers to sue the British Government, potentially for more money, than current UK and EU law or NHS contracts.
  • The ‘right to regulate’ promised by the European Commission to appease TTIP’s critics can’t be relied on to protect British sovereignty over the NHS.

Michael Bowsher QC, who is a renowned expert in this field of law – he is Chair of the EU law committee of the Bar Council of England & Wales and Co-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Public Procurement – states, “Our conclusion is that TTIP poses a real and serious risk to future UKG decision-making in respect of the NHS”.

This advice has been made public by Unite the Union, who have made several Freedom of Information requests to see the legal advice obtained by the government. The government however has admitted that they have advice on the NHS and TTIP but refuse to share it. Perhaps we now know why?

David Cameron and Lord Price must act now to save the NHS

Read the advice in full and more here.


Ann-Marie Duff helps deliver giant petition to Downing Street

The People’s NHS handed in our massive TTIP petition on 30th November. 140,000 people had signed in. And hundreds of supporters joined us or sent in their own thoughts about why the NHS is precious. Suffragette star Anne-Marie Duff was there too. Click the image to check out the video. image2

You can see more photos from the TTIP petition hand-in here.


Tell Tim Farron’s Lib Dems to Stand up for the NHS


Why is Tim Farron not listening to the British people when it comes to TTIP?

Apart from the Liberal Democrats, just about every opposition party in the UK is united in recognising the threat posed to the NHS by TTIP.  Newly elected Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron previously said, “I do not support the inclusion of an ISDS within the TTIP negotiations”, but he has not come out against the agreement or said that he wants the NHS to be removed from the trade deal.

We are asking that Tim Farron listens to the British public and join our call for Cameron to use his veto to protect the NHS.  Despite being decimated at the recent elections for allying themselves so closely with the Conservatives, Tim Farron’s Lib Dems are still isolated with the Tory party, in refusing to support our call.

Comments by former Lib Dem minister Vince Cable MP and the dozens of Lib Dem politicians that signed our pledge, shows that the party is not united in failing to support decisive action to protect our precious NHS.

Will you take two minutes to help press Tim Farron into standing up to David Cameron and telling him to veto the NHS from TTIP?

Click here for more on the Lib Dems.


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